Top exercise tips for a toned and trimmed body

We live in a time and age when having the perfect body is very important. For this, people regularly visit gyms and take extra care of their diet. However, at times, even extensive sessions of exercise do not bring the desired results. This is why some instructors and personal trainers brought together their top exercise tips that guarantee to truly make a difference to the human body. Following are some of them.

Jogging on a treadmill with weights

Instead of going for the typical ten-minute jog, adjust the treadmill machine to a quick walking pace at first. Carry a dumbbell (preferably one of 3 to 5 pounds) in each hand. For a minute or two, work with your biceps and triceps moving your hands back and forth. Press your shoulders and make sure your standing triceps kick back. This is one of the methods that have proved to be most effective as it demands the entire body to move in one swift motion.

Adapt to a skipping rope

One of the best techniques out there is to use a skipping rope. An extensive workout session with a skipping rope can manage to burn approximately thirty calories in one minute! Give yourself different challenges after a certain amount of jumps. Try to fasten your speed after every five jumps, do a hundred jumps without stopping, or change your jumping style from time to time.

Exercise during work hours

The thought of this may seem exhausting at first, but everyone needs a break from sitting in a chair in front of a computer screen from morning to evening. It could be advised to keep a few weights in your cabinet at your office or leave an exercise ball lying around. You could try to manage around fifteen to twenty weight lifts or crunches to feel fresh and active. This also saves time for other activities.

Evaluate your performance

Everyone should make a record of their performance after every week or so. This record could include the number of exercises they do per day or would want to do every day, the targets they would like to meet, and a rating they would award themselves with on a certain day (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest). When a boost in performance is recorded, anyone would automatically be motivated to continue to strive for a toned body.

These are some exercise tips that have been recommended by renowned trainers. If they are followed religiously, the result will truly be amazing.